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Cohiba Siglo V

Made in: Cuba

On this page You can buy original Cohiba Siglo V cigarettes online at LOW discount prices with free shipment.
If You purchase 2 or more carton of Cohiba Siglo V we split your order into several separate parcels. It can take up to ten business days after the first Cohiba Siglo V carton is received to receive a full tobacco order of more than one cigarettes carton.
We can't send a single parcel containing more than one cartons of Cohiba Siglo V cigarettes because it would be subject to duty since the size wouldn't fall within the prescribed international post parameters.

Cohiba Siglo V Slb (25 cigars)

  Quantity Our Price Price per Slb Order
  2 $1117 $558.50
  1 $562 $562.00